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Successful design requires good tools. We offer you the best in terms of strategy and marketing – for your specific requirements.

From analysis to strategic development and implementation, and subsequently to controlling: We support you through the stages where you can benefit most from our expertise. We’re happy to supervise you through the entire process as advisors and designers. So we always choose the tools that are relevant to your specific challenges. Only tailored work leads to effective, efficient results!

Business Objectives
etronixx Techniques Increase Efficiency Quality Return on Customer
1. Megatrend AnalysisStrategic assessment of long-term environmental developments for existing and potential business segments *
2. Customer analysis/surveysTransparent requirements/assessments of existing
and potential customers
3. Touchpoint AnalysisTransparency about the efficiency and effectiveness of the contact points;
Decision basis for the optimization, reducing or development of customer contact points
* *
4. Mystery shoppingAssessing the quality of customer touch points * *
5. Process AnalysisEvaluation of the quality, speed and process costs * *
6. WargamingPrediction of competitive reactions in the context of specific situations *
7. Customer Technology ScoutingPresentation and evaluation of best practices using technologies to optimize customer contacts * * *
8. Strategy DevelopmentHighly efficient workshop series developing an overall entrepreneurial
or also departmental direction (market and organization)
* * * *
9. Business ModelsStrategies as well as business plan to optimize existing
or establish new businesses
10. Process ReengenieeringBusiness process optimization and process innovations to improve
process quality, increase the process time and reduce process costs
* *
11. Customer segmentationDefined customer groups as basis for differentiated processing *
12. Customer Experience ManagementHolistic customer contact chains differentiated by customer groups to
develop potential customers to customer advocats and, thus, increase the customer values
* * *
13. Customer Care ExcellencyExcellent processes as well as staff conduct towards the customer (Best Practice Ritz Carlton) * *
14. Loyalty ProgramsServices and measures aimed at keeping existing
customers and to enhance the customer value
15. Campaign ManagementDefined requirements for the selection of applications for an automated handling of the market and sales approach * *
16. Marketing EfficiencyOptimization of “marketing back end processes” (marketing purchasing, supplier management, in sourcing/outsourcing, marketing organization, etc.) *
17. Process portalsImplementation of portals for an efficient and effective support of customer processes * *
18. Brandlands/Shows/ShowroomsOptimal interaction of Processes,
People Behavior and Physical Evidence that creates a brand experience
19. Marketing/Sales/ScorecardsControl system consisting of customer metrics, process indicators,
KPIs for continuous improvement, communication controlling
* * *
20. Project ManagementEfficient and effective controlling of projects in the areas of strategy, organization, marketing, and sales *