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Do you have ambitious targets on the agenda? We are a small team that can overcome great challenges!

We are proud of our customers and our joint achievements. Here are three key people who have played a pivotal role in all projects. In addition to their strengths, we’d also like to point out their weaknesses:

Profilbild: Oliver HoskeOliver Hoske, CEO: „If you want to advance, you have to provoke change and accept uncertainty.“ – The partner and founder of several consulting and technology companies has been a consultant for 19 years. He is curious, without being nosy. He is excited by people as well as trends, technologies and markets. The international exchange of experiences inspires him to visions that he energetically transforms into solutions together with his colleagues and customers. What is his soft spot? New opportunities and ideas!

Profilbild: Thomas TyborskiThomas Tyborski, Partner: „Think complex – act pragmatically. Successful solutions are often surprisingly simple.“ Thomas Tyborski, who has been a consultant for more than 15 years, is an expert in Customer Experience Management, Customer Touchpoint Management and Process and Quality Management at the intersection between the company and the customer. His strengths: He always knows all the figures and details and pays great attention to the logic of concepts and measures. His weakness: Viennese Schnitzel! Although that may suggest a love of the Alps, he feels happiest in Thailand and Indonesia.

Profilbild: Thorsten BraunThorsten Braun, Partner: „Empathizing with others means not overrating one’s own importance.“ The consultant has 13 years of experience from a corporate, agency and consulting perspective. For instance he knows how to successfully increase and control marketing performance. His strengths are a great help: strong entrepreneurial thought and the competence to develop new solutions and business models – also using new media and technologies. His faibles are deep snow, wind and waves.