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Which customer touchpoints have a profitable effect? Which should be optimized or reduced? Our Customer Touchpoint Program has the answer.

Marketing, sales and service must be equally effective and efficient. Up to 100 touchpoints play an important role as an interface between the company and its customers – for instance advertising, mailing campaigns, hotlines, staff and many more.

Only if the touchpoints lead to attractive and reliable experiences can you bind your customers in a sustainably profitable way. The solution, Customer Experience Management, tunes all touchpoints and processes to the requirements of your customers. To achieve that effectively and economically, we use tried and tested instruments and methods. Here is a selection:

Touchpoint Optimization: We analyze at which touchpoints your customers come into contact with your company. We assess what experience value the touchpoints provide at what cost. And we model ideal touchpoint chains and processes.

Customer Care Excellency: Customers not only expect a lot from you, their expectations are increasing all the time. Excellence in all touchpoints is therefore a means rather than an end. Our Customer Care Excellency program makes the process simple for you.

Marketing and Branding: Brand promises must be exceeded! To do so, we develop convincing marketing strategies and branding concepts that lead to a strong marketing performance.

Process performance: Ideal processes are a key lever to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of your marketing and sales processes. For instance we introduce binding process standards, use innovative customer technologies and ensure systematic in and outsourcing.

Controlling: If you want to improve, do so in the right places. Our solutions for targeted marketing, communication and sales controlling provide you with relevant values in a decision-oriented way.